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Many new graduates lack the necessary work skills to succeed in the today’s workplace. We are here to empower education to be perfect enablers for learners to gain these critical work skills so they can excel in the workplace of today and tomorrow.
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Are your learners struggling with any of these?

Negativity towards collaboration

Many learners feel a sense of dread and despair when they learn they need to work in teams. This negativity is formed over many past failed collaboration experiences.

Inequal distribution of work

Do you get complains about the lack of contribution of certain teammates? Free-riding often occurs when there is little accountability and transparency.

Difference in expectations

Some learners have high expectations while others have lower expectations. A difference in expectations often leads to internal conflicts.

Minimal project planning

Learners are rarely taught how to manage large projects but are consistently expected to complete large projects, leading to procrastination, rushed projects, and team conflicts.

Enable learners to achieve higher project outcomes

Intro to Project Management

Ensightful introduces simple project management tools such as Kanban boards, so learners are gaining a project management (PM) mindset while working on their projects

Enable Efficient Communication & Collaboration

Learners can easily communicate with their teammates and their educators to ensure everyone is up to date.

Insights and Reporting

With simple data insights and reporting, we surface imbalance in their workload distribution so learners can self-identify areas of improvement and adjust accordingly.

Improve Digital Literacy

By using Ensightful, learners are exposed to the variety of digital work tools that they will use in the workplace with adequate educator support

Video Tutorials

Learn how to use the platform with ease.
Ensightful Student Walkthrough

This video outlines the entire Ensightful platform from the student perspective. We hope that this video helps you have a better understanding of the platform and how you can make the most out of it throughout the duration of your project!

HOW TO: Create an Account on Ensightful

This video will walk you through the process of creating an account with Ensightful.

HOW TO: Understand the Progress Circle

This video provides students with an explanation of Ensightful's analytic tools and how you can use them to better manage student teams.

HOW TO: Create Your First Task

This video shows you how to create tasks on Ensightful and manage them effectively.

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