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Save hours of work with an all-in-one team management that automates manual processes such as group formation, progress tracking, and peer evaluations

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Does implementing collaborative projects bring you joy or are you:

Overloaded with manual work?

Educators are overloaded with manual work that would better spent on something else, such as providing support to learners but there’s just no simple way to automate.

Lacking insights into team dynamics?

When learners collaborate using non-institutional tools, they are not preparing themselves for the reality of institutional intranet and provides little educator insight.

Struggling to grade equitably and fairly?

While you may want to reward learners equitably based on their contributions, it is not always possible because it often leads to ‘he said she said’ situations.

Managing too many tools?

Educators are already using many digital tools to facilitate their courses to ensure a quality learning experience. Implementing additional tools isn’t scalable.

An all-in-one experience that tackles each of your challenges

Automating Manual Processes

Whether it’s surveying students, creating diverse teams, or conducting peer evaluations, Ensightful automates these processes so you can say goodbye to spreadsheets, forms, and figuring out formulae.

Gain Insights Into Team Dynamics

When educators are left in the dark, it’s hard for them to make informed decisions about providing support or grading based on contributions. Ensightful aggregates learner data so educators can better decisions in real time.

Creating Pre-Built Tasks & Milestones

Most learners are not prepared to handle major deliverables with little or no guidance. With Ensightful, you can create project templates with specific tasks and milestones so there is more structure for learners to succeed.

Centralized Location for Organization

Do you have files and links all over the place and find it difficult to share files with specific teams? With Ensightful, learners and educators have a centralized location to store draft documents, links, and other files to keep themselves organized.

Utlizing LTI 1.3 and Deeplinking to integrate into your LMS

Ready to Integrate into Your Learning Management System

Single Sign On

No need to log in or remember another set of credentials. Educators and learners will automatically be logged in when launching Ensightful via their LMS.

Roster & Team Sync

Ensightful automatically syncs with your course roster so there’s no need to invite students. We can also sync with already made groups & teams on your LMS to avoid busywork.

Assignment Sync

Assignments can automatically be tied with project milestones so students can submit their assignments and final products directly on Ensightful to be passed back to the LMS.

Grades Sync

Peer evaluation grades can be automatically pushed back into the grade book on your LMS, saving you the need to export and import spreadsheets.

Educators finding success with Ensightful

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